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We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, foundations, corporations, universities, and government agencies who have boldly invested in our organization and our programs in Philadelphia, the world, and the cloud.

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The following have recently made gifts to Slought

Press Conference, Venice Biennale, 2008

From the archives

"Into the Open [...] underscores the importance of activism to a successful democratic society and shows how this private, independent action stimulates and challenges our governments to take positive action."

− Colombia Barrosse, Cultural Programs Division Chief, US Department of State, at the Venice Biennale, 2008

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The following have recently made gifts to Slought

The Jane P. Watkins Fund of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Rita Copeland
Scott Hartstein
Melissa Karmen Lee
Abe & Pat Levy
Cécile and Michael McKenna
Sina Najafi
Sue Ann Prince
Kira Strong
David Wallace
James Weissinger

Performance by Ko Siu Lan, Love me if you can, 2012

From the archives

Mari and Peter Shaw (center) and other donors to Slought participate in Love Me If You Can, a 2012 performance by artist Ko Siu Lan. Ko's work explores and questions the dichotomies and boundaries between public/private and collective/individual.

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Anonymous, Charles and Mary Bleiberg, Eduardo Cadava, Michelle Coffey, Nora W Coffey, Norma Cole, Rita Copeland, Morgan Craig, James Dart, John C. Diaz, Michael Garfinkle, Scott Hartstein, Emma Hirvisalo, Homay King, Karen Kruza and Richard Quinn, Lisa Lee, Melissa Karmen Lee, Abe & Pat Levy, Living Collection, Rene and Ora McCaine*, Cécile and Michael McKenna, Beverly Merchant, John Muse, Sina Najafi, Andrea Ngan, Mina Park, Marjorie Perloff, MKMG Physicians*, Kevin Platt, Nina Rappaport, Michèle H. Richman, Karin Rhodes & Lance Becker, Eric Rugart, Thelma Sachs & Family*, Parker Snow, Judith & Jonathan Stein, Kira Strong, Niklas Svennung, Aleksandra Wagner

*In memory of Beatrice Morton


Anonymous, Scott Hartstein, Michelle Coffey, Norma Cole, Jeffrey Kallberg, Abe & Pat Levy, Marjorie Perloff, Mari & Peter Shaw, Kira Strong, Emil Volcheck


Anonymous, Michelle Coffey, James Dart, Ditta & Francis Hoeber, Jeffrey Kallberg, Abe & Pat Levy, Tony Lewis, Sue Ann Prince, Michele Richman, Shahnaz Rouse, Mari & Peter Shaw


Anonymous, George Ciscle, Scott Hartstein, Jeffrey Kallberg, David Kress, Melanie Kress, Abe & Pat Levy, Katy Otto, Frances Shaw


Anonymous, Nancy Bentley, Eduardo Cadava, James & Rose Carpenter, Aaron Levy, Abe & Pat Levy, Elizabeth Mosimann, Christine & Bern Poggi, Michele Richman, Ken Saylor, Frances Shaw


Anonymous, Thomas Bartlett, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Karen Froehlich, Jean Frank Hamann, Jack Higgins, John Heon, Ditta & Franics Hoeber, Jeff Hoeltzel, David Holmes, Bernice Gersh, Abdul Jackson, Michael Leja, Abe & Pat Levy, Tom Lussenhop, Margaret Worth, Clark Morrell, John Phillips & Carolyn Healy, Paulo Pezzotta, Jean-Michel Rabaté & Patricia Gherovici, Marvin & Ruth Sackner, Dani Shoshan, David & Lygia Slovic, Judith & Jonathan Stein