Slought ('Sl-aw-t') is a non-profit organization that engages publics in dialogue about cultural and socio-political change in Philadelphia, the world, and the cloud. We are a new form of institution that builds relationships and social trust through collaboration and the exchange of ideas. For over a decade, we have worked with artists, communities, and institutions worldwide to develop projects that encourage inclusiveness, advocacy, and the sharing of knowledge.


Explore Slought's history and activities in Philadelphia, the World, and the Cloud.

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At Slought, the desire to engage others in dialogue frequently fosters new relationships. These relationships formalize over time and through ongoing negotiation into public programs, which extend the dialogue to a wider public.

This performative approach to cultural production reflects our commitment to openness and responsiveness.

It builds upon a rich history of dialogue and deliberation in cultural communities, which Slought seeks to uphold as an institution.