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Live Concert with Sunny Murray Factor

Sunny Murray, Khan Jamal, Sabir Mateen


Fields of Knowledge
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This program was made possible in part through the generous sponsorship of ars nova workshop

Organized by Mark Christman Co-presented with ars nova workshop

Opens to public


Second set guests include: Byard Lancaster (alto saxophone), Odean Pope (tenor saxophone), Harold E. Smith (conch shell, didjeridoo), Allen Nelson (drums)

Sunny Murray (b.1937), arguably the inventor of free-jazz drumming, built his approach on using the drum kit as a color palette rather than a metronome. He has recorded with Archie Shepp, Jimmy Lyons, and Charles Gayle, and has contributed to such seminal works as Albert Ayler's "Spiritual Unity" and Cecil Taylor's 1962 Café Montmartre sessions. Currently residing in Paris, Sunny Murray returns to Philadelphia (his home for over 20 years) to perform in trio with Khan Jamal (vibraphone) and Yo La Tengo collaborator Sabir Mateen (woodwinds).