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Recordings by Fred Wah of notable poetry readings and lectures


Vancouver 1963: Reading

Charles Olson, Wednesday, August 14, 1963

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Slought Foundation presents a digitized version of Fred Wah's recordings of the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference, as well as select readings and lectures (1961-67) from Wah's collection.

Recording notes: from the MAXIMUS POEMS, part II (unpublished): Maximus from Dogtown II; Maximus to Himself; Maximus to Gloucester, L.27; Maximus, further on, Dec 28/59; The Poem and...; The River #1; The River #2

Okeanos' dream; The South East Wind...; I Tell You Its cruel; Three Poems; Of Old Times; They said she went out every Sunday; A Maximus ('isms'); A coast is not the same as land (Englishmen & Indeians); Maximus Letter Whatever; Chock a block; First Stevens Song; Upward choking on Dogtown; I Force the calm grey waters...; By the way into the woods...; The rock listens to itself...; Later Tyrian business; For Robet Duncan who understands; Further completion of Platt; A prayer (great white cadillac); All having breakfast...; Gee Avenue; Where is the B. Elery; Maximus Written to be a note to myself (about Stevens); School and 16 Columbus; ...I stand on Main St.; As John Burke read the comics; letter 72; Descartes solider in a time of religious wars...; In the interleaved almanacs of 1646; Of the Parsons; The Beginnings; Maximus at the Harbour