Slought recognizes the power of formal and informal infrastructures, partnerships, and economies. We are committed to developing an organizational model that is inclusive of both and finds value in each. This approach negotiates the tension between grassroots activities and complex organizations, which often approach power, money, and institutionality differently.


Slought is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2002.

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Opening ceremony for Knut Asdam, Edgelands, 2013

From the archives

Kaja Silverman speaking at the opening reception for Knut Asdam's Edgelands, which featured two new site-specific installations by the artist exploring social and economic change. The program joined the formal economy of UPenn and the informal economy of Slought, 2013.

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As a small, volunteer organization, we find resilience in the reciprocal exchange of time, knowledge, and community, and recognize the value of small donations. As a partner to complex organizations, we are committed to accountability and the transparent distribution of their financial and institutional resources.

For over ten years, this alternative approach to organizational sustainability has enabled us to uphold our values and our commitment to thinking differently.