About the Archive

Over twenty years, Slought developed an expansive digital platform to support a variety of publics and purposes. It remains a dynamic resource for thousands of visitors each month both locally and globally.

Our archives feature hundreds of projects and nearly 1000 hours of recordings. A series of curated guides are provided below.


We worked with artists, communities, and institutions worldwide to develop and archive programs about cultural and socio-political issues. Past programs embodying our active engagement with history, memory, and our organization's position in society are provided below.


We worked with artists, communities, and institutions worldwide to develop publications about cultural and socio-political issues. Designed and edited at Slought, these unique publications expressed our commitment to the circulation of ideas.


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Philosophers Judith Butler, Hélène Cixous and others remember Jacques Derrida on the anniversary of his death.

Artist Soun-Gui Kim engages Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy in dialogue about the global art market.

Artist Carolee Schneemann clarifies and deepens the inquiries of art history students about her life as an artist, surrounded by skeletons and emblems of precariousness.

Architect Teddy Cruz, Governor Sergio Fajardo, and ecologist Oscar Romo discuss the paradigm shift in urban development, social justice, and civic imagination across Latin America.

Philosophers, statesmen and members of the UN Security council engage in a filmed conversation about how to reduce geopolitical conflict, building upon Immanuel Kant's essay Perpetual Peace (1795).

Conceptual artist William Anastasi recounts the life and work of artist John Cage, his friend and collaborator, and documents the visual and textual works that informed their ongoing dialogue.