Nine values guide our organization. These values hold us accountable to our history, clarify our intentions, and guide our continued formation.

One of these values is display, which we perform by reconceptualizing presentation to include new forms of experience, encounter, and reception. Learn more about this value and how and why our projects problematize display and enable participation by browsing the projects below. The accompanying graphics indicate the values performed and their intensity (rated on a scale of 0 to 6).

Begins Jan 31, 2004

William Anastasi installs 2000 handwritten sheets documenting buried allusions in the work of James Joyce, Alfred Jarry, and Marcel Duchamp

Begins Nov 20, 2004

Arakawa and Gins propose a revisionist re-definition of man in his post-human(istic) state

Begins Jan 15, 2008

An exhibition exploring the assertion and contestation of power in the writings and practices of Vito Acconci and Acconci Studio

Begins Mar 21, 2009

Early, reformulated and new installations by Gary Hill joining body, language and technology to form an "electronic linguistic"

Begins Nov 13, 2010

A permanent installation that features a rarely heard performance by John Cage, and will evolve over time through participation from the public

Begins Jul 09, 2003

Drawing from Rosenbach Museum archives, this exhibition explores the limits and conditions of citizenship in early and modern times

Begins Feb 19, 2005

A retrospective exhibition featuring documentary videos of the artist's provocative performances

Begins Sep 14, 2008

Highlighting America's rich history of architectural experimentation and the original ways architects today are working collaboratively to invigorate community activism and environmental policy

Begins Apr 19, 2011

An exhibition and workshop exploring communicating through purely visual means

Begins Oct 16, 2013

An installation with Knut Asdam exploring architecture and cinema at the conjunction of the personal, the paranoiac, and the public

Begins Apr 17, 2004

An automated multimedia installation featuring a suite of software components that allows users to generate aesthetic texts

Begins Feb 17, 2005

A conversation with Anthony Grafton exploring the storage and retrieval of texts before modern times

Begins Aug 27, 2010

A research initiative and publication series exploring the history of the Venice Biennale of Architecture and the relationship between architecture and display

Begins Sep 16, 2010

A conversation with Harun Farocki and others on the re-appropriation of images and the representation of war and weaponry

Begins Mar 06, 2011

A research initiative and archive about the lives and experiences of 1001 Chinese participants who traveled to Kassel, Germany for Ai Weiwei's project "Fairytale" (2007)