Nine values guide our organization. These values hold us accountable to our history, clarify our intentions, and guide our continued formation.

One of these values is publics, which we perform by recognizing that our community is more than temporally and spatially associated. Learn more about this value and how and why cultivate and imagine publics through multiple modes of engagement by browsing the projects below. The accompanying graphics indicate the values performed and their intensity (rated on a scale of 0 to 6).

Begins Nov 13, 2004

An exhibition by David Stephens about cross burning and the 2002 Supreme Court ruling in Virginia Vs. Black

Begins Oct 11, 2007

An outdoor installation by Braco Dimitrijevic featuring photo portraits of unknown persons

Begins Nov 15, 2007

A philosophical exchange about the politics of resistance with Alain Badiou and Simon Critchley

Begins May 11, 2009

A conversation with Peter Alexander Meyers and others on citizenship, violence, and the continuation of the Cold War

Begins Jan 17, 2012

A conversation with Allan Sekula on the politics of occupation and the shifting relationship between photojournalism and global capitalism

Begins Jul 09, 2003

Drawing from Rosenbach Museum archives, this exhibition explores the limits and conditions of citizenship in early and modern times

Begins Sep 14, 2008

Highlighting America's rich history of architectural experimentation and the original ways architects today are working collaboratively to invigorate community activism and environmental policy

Begins Oct 01, 2010

A curatorial intervention exploring 21st century prospects for international peace through a series of symposia, exhibitions, lectures, and films

Begins May 03, 2011

A conversation with Wang Ning about world literature, the politics of translation, and the afterlife of literary works

Begins Mar 30, 2013

Actors, activists and artists re-perform Brecht's Days of the Commune in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement

Begins Mar 07, 2002

Recordings by Fred Wah of readings, lectures and discussions by notable New American poets

Begins Apr 17, 2004

An automated multimedia installation featuring a suite of software components that allows users to generate aesthetic texts

Begins Jan 23, 2011

A space for inter-cultural conversation and research about art and advocacy, exploring a variety of trends, shared differences, and common concerns

Begins Apr 02, 2012

A series of conversations about citizenship and other forms of belonging and kinship

Begins Jan 26, 2013

An artist project revisiting Roland Barthes' seminal lectures on coexistence