Our projects were marked by change, exchange, and self-reflection. We were always aware of our process and responsive to the variety of projects we undertook.

Learn more about how our programs engaged and performed the value of process.


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Begins Jul 16, 2012

An urban education model that responds to the crisis in community participation and political representation by circulating different ways of thinking and making

Begins Apr 24, 2012

A multi-part engagement with the life and work of Carolee Schneemann, whose work has continually probed the precariousness of nature, art, and life

Begins Nov 13, 2010

A permanent installation that features a rarely heard performance by John Cage, and will evolve over time through participation from the public

Begins Dec 6, 2013

Soun-Gui Kim's exhibition raises critical questions concerning art today and the relationship of the artist to the globalized art world and market

Begins Apr 19, 2011

An exhibition and workshop exploring communicating through purely visual means

Begins Sep 14, 2008

Highlighting America's rich history of architectural experimentation and the original ways architects today are working collaboratively to invigorate community activism and environmental policy

Begins Dec 7, 2007

An eclectic & entertaining series of presentations about that most philosophical of vices

Begins Jan 5, 2014

A new identity that radically transforms how Slought operates in Philadelphia, the world, and the cloud, and makes legible the organization's movements as it performs its activities

Begins Mar 6, 2011

A research initiative and archive about the lives and experiences of 1001 Chinese participants who traveled to Kassel, Germany for Ai Weiwei's project "Fairytale" (2007)

Begins Jan 23, 2011

A space for inter-cultural conversation and research about art and advocacy, exploring a variety of trends, shared differences, and common concerns

Begins Aug 27, 2010

A research initiative and publication series exploring the history of the Venice Biennale of Architecture and the relationship between architecture and display

Begins Mar 7, 2002

Recordings by Fred Wah of readings, lectures and discussions by notable New American poets