Our cultural and educational programs encouraged dialogue and built public trust
We fostered exchange, advocacy, and research across cultures and around the world
Our website was an active resource for producing and sharing knowledge
Begins May 18, 2015
Begins Sep 14, 2008
Begins Nov 13, 2010

Our values

Our identity as an organization and our projects were shaped by nine values. They guided our continued formation, and held us accountable to our history and our publics.

Our projects were responsive to social issues and concerns
Our projects enabled and performed polycentric conversations
Our projects questioned power, ethics, and institutionality
Our projects built informal economies and collaborations
Our projects resisted classification and made alternatives possible
Our projects rethought display to enable new forms of encounter
Our projects cultivated publics and new modes of engagement
Our projects negotiated local and global borders
Our projects were marked by change, exchange, and self-reflection

Join our efforts

The election and its aftermath heightened vulnerability and disillusionment about the presence of violence in contemporary life. Slought sought to change these conditions through the power of dialogue and creative action. Around the world, people came together to build networks for collaboration with us and solidarity across our communities.

Our Strategic Plan

Learn how we renewed our commitment to rethinking social structures

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