Slought encourages dialogue and relationships through social and cultural programs
We foster intercultural exchange, research, and advocacy around the world
Our website functions as an active resource for producing and sharing knowledge

On view at Slought

Jan 24, 2020 – Mar 20, 2020
Sep 1, 2018 – Sep 1, 2020
Begins Apr 30, 2020

Current Events
Feb 20, 2020

A conversation about the possibilities and limits of the moving image in times of crisis with Rosalind Morris and Susan Meiselas

Feb 27, 2020

A conversation about the challenges of representing precarious life with Rosalind Morris and Ilisa Barbash

Oct 4, 2018 – Oct 5, 2018

A working group in Trinidad and Tobago on community-centered knowledge production, social change, and engagement

Sep 27, 2019 – Nov 22, 2019

A seminar and reading group series exploring the aesthetics and politics of the post-socialist condition

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Our values

Nine values have emerged in response to our mission and past projects. They hold us accountable to our history and publics and guide our continued formation.

Our projects are responsive to social issues and concerns
Our projects enable and perform polycentric conversations
Our projects question power, ethics, and institutionality
Our projects build informal economies and collaborations
Our projects resist classification and make alternatives possible
Our projects rethink display to enable new forms of encounter
Our projects cultivate publics and new modes of engagement
Our projects negotiate local and global borders
Our projects are marked by change, exchange, and self-reflection

Join our efforts

The election and its aftermath have heightened vulnerability and disillusionment about the presence of violence in contemporary life. Slought seeks to change these conditions through the power of dialogue and creative action. Join us in building networks for collaboration and solidarity across our communities.

Our Strategic Plan

Learn how we are renewing our commitment to rethinking social structures

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