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Nine values guide our organization. These values hold us accountable to our history, clarify our intentions, and guide our continued formation.

One of these values is exception, which we perform by considering our projects as thought-experiments that resist classification. Learn more about this value and how and why we perform impossibility and make alternatives possible by browsing the projects below. The accompanying graphics indicate the values performed and their intensity (rated on a scale of 0 to 6).

Begins Apr 01, 2004

A conversation about Dr. Albert C. Barnes and the resistance he encountered in Philadelphia to his educational and aesthetic method

Begins Sep 30, 2005

A performance of "algorithmic choreography," involving computer-controlled movements of the human face

Begins Jun 02, 2006

An evening of experimental music for voice, sensorglove, and live electronics with Franziska Baumann and Matthew Ostrowski

Begins Oct 06, 2006

A conversation with Tim Dean about alternative approaches to kinship that oppose normative heterosexual relationships

Begins Oct 22, 2007

An exhibition documenting Werner Herzog 'documenting,' along with a series of conversations about the filmmaker's life and work

Begins Nov 18, 2010

Featuring drawings and paintings by Sigmund Freud's famous patient Sergius Pankejeff

Begins Oct 18, 2002

Slought's inaugural exhibition playfully revisits an avant-garde classic about a missing work of art

Begins Feb 19, 2005

A retrospective exhibition featuring documentary videos of the artist's provocative performances

Begins Nov 04, 2005

An exhibition exploring the relationship between aesthetic strategies and the historical, political, and cultural contexts of the region

Begins Mar 30, 2007

Exploring overlooked urban zones, state borders and extra-territorial sites throughout the world, contributors probe contemporary perspectives on power and its evasions

Begins Dec 07, 2007

An eclectic & entertaining series of presentations about that most philosophical of vices

Begins Dec 12, 2007

An exhibition exploring manifestations and transformations of the human and the body

Begins Mar 07, 2002

Recordings by Fred Wah of readings, lectures and discussions by notable New American poets

Begins Nov 20, 2004

Francis Davis conducts a recorded interview with Sun Ra in Germantown, Philadelphia in 1990

Begins Mar 06, 2011

A research initiative and archive about the lives and experiences of 1001 Chinese participants who traveled to Kassel, Germany for Ai Weiwei's project "Fairytale" (2007)

Begins Apr 02, 2012

A series of conversations about citizenship and other forms of belonging and kinship

Begins Jan 26, 2013

An artist project revisiting Roland Barthes' seminal lectures on coexistence