Our values have emerged in response to our founding principles and the projects we have undertaken. These values hold our organization accountable to our history, clarify our programmatic intentions, and guide our continued formation. Our projects develop at the intersection of these values, and in turn redefine them. A graphic accompanies each project on this website to indicate the values performed and their intensity (rated on a scale of 0 to 6).

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We are committed to engaging publics in dialogue about topical issues and imagining culture as a forum for advocacy. Learn how and why our projects are responsive to social issues and concerns.
We aim to foster a new form of institution that recognizes culture as the exchange of ideas, images, and events. Learn how and why our projects enable and perform polycentered conversations.
We recognize that we can neither disavow nor fully disengage from existing social and cultural systems. Learn how and why our projects foreground questions of power, ethics, and institutionality.
We recognize the power of cultural organizations to bridge divided communities. Learn how and why our projects are organized through informal economies and collaborations.
Our projects are conceived as thought-experiments that resist classification. Learn how and why each project performs impossibility and makes alternatives possible.
We reconceptualize presentation to include new forms of experience, encounter, and reception. Learn how and why our projects problematize display and enable participation.
We consider our community to be more than temporally and spatially associated. Learn how and why our projects cultivate and imagine publics through multiple modes of engagement.
We engage our participants and publics at the intersection of the local and the global. Learn how and why our projects negotiate these borders conceptually and spatially.
We are always aware of our process and responsive to the variety of projects we undertake. Learn how and why our projects are also marked by change, exchange, and self-reflection.