Mission and Values

Slought was a non-profit organization on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania that engaged publics in dialogue about cultural and socio-political change in Philadelphia, the world, and the cloud. We were a new form of institution that built relationships and social trust through collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

For twenty years, we worked with artists, communities, and institutions worldwide to develop projects that encouraged inclusiveness, advocacy, and the sharing of knowledge.

Our values

Our identity as an organization and our projects were shaped by nine values. They guided our continued formation, and held us accountable to our history and our publics.

Our projects were responsive to social issues and concerns
Our projects enabled and performed polycentric conversations
Our projects questioned power, ethics, and institutionality
Our projects built informal economies and collaborations
Our projects resisted classification and made alternatives possible
Our projects rethought display to enable new forms of encounter
Our projects cultivated publics and new modes of engagement
Our projects negotiated local and global borders
Our projects were marked by change, exchange, and self-reflection

Values in Action

Browse highlights from past activities to learn how our values informed our programs and approach to public engagement.