Juli Petrillo

Influenced by her rural upbringing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Juli Petrillo's architecture studio design work reflects a consciousness and sensitivity to the landscape and ecological processes. Her research focuses on topics including symbiotic cohabitation between humans and non-humans; urban farming and composting; and collective resistance, design, and memory.

Dividing her time between architecture studio, ceramics studio, and ballet studio, Juli completed her undergraduate degree in architecture and fine art at Catholic University. After graduating in 2018, she worked at the architecture firm EL Studio in Washington, DC where she gained experience in architectural design and construction. When she isn't designing or fabricating, Juli enjoys drinking coffee, tending to her houseplants, and doing yoga.

Juli is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

Exhibit Design

4017 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
slought.org jpetrillo@sloughtfoundation.org