Peter Price

Price is an electronic musician and co-director, with choreographer Megan Bridge, of fidget, a laboratory for art, performance and media. His compositions have been performed by the Relâche and Network for New Music ensembles, and he has performed as a laptop soloist in performances of works by John Cage and Pierre Boulez with Orchestra, and as a duo with violinist Gloria Justen. He was the sound designer for How to Get Started (1989-) at Slought, and has collaborated extensively with Group Motion and other dance and performance artists in Philadelphia and around the world.

His publications include Resonance: Philosophy for Sonic Art (2011) and Becoming Music: Between Boredom and Ecstasy (2010). Rejecting the tendency to filter music by style or genre, he locates musical meaning within the entirety of sonic phenomena - from avant-garde experimentalism to DJ culture, from ringtone downloads to what remains of the classical music tradition, and from the disappearing musics of indigenous peoples to the persistent roar of capitalist globalization.

Peter Price

1714 North Mascher Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
(267) 679-4693