An urban education model that responds to the crisis in community participation and political representation by circulating different ways of thinking and making


Conversations on Coexistence

Anuradha Mathur, Amy Hillier, Teddy Cruz, and graduate students reflect on the intersection of communities, institutions and ecologies

Fields of Knowledge
  • Comm. Development
  • Pedagogy

Organizing Institutions

People's Emergency Center (PEC), Slought, PennDesign

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210 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

PennDesign, People's Emergency Center, Slought, and the Center for Urban Ecologies at the University of California, San Diego are pleased to announce "Conversations on coexistence: rethinking the interface between communities, institutions and ecologies." The event, the first of an ongoing series of dialogues organized in the context of Mixplace Studio, will take place on Monday, November 5th, 2012 from 6:00-8:00pm and will feature Anuradha Mathur, Amy Hillier, and Teddy Cruz in conversation.

The discussion will begin from the understanding that we need to urgently rethink interfaces between communities, institutions and ecologies. Such an understanding informs the activities of Mixplace Studio, whose 26 foot urban table of the city as well as photo documentation of one linear mile will be partially moved to PennDesign to enable space for this conversation. The event will be introduced by Dean Marilyn Taylor and the PennDesign graduate students currently involved in Mixplace Studio. It will be followed by a series of 5-10 minute positions by each speaker, followed by public conversation and graduate student response.

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Mixplace Studio is a collaborative project that provides an urban education model in order to address the crisis in community participation and political representation. The project aspires to enable conversations between individuals and institutions within West Philadelphia to circulate different ways of thinking and making, linking the knowledge of communities with the knowledge of institutions. People's Emergency Center (PEC), Slought, and PennDesign are the primary Philadelphia institutions who are coming together to form this urban education model. The primary collaborators are neighborhood youth and university students, who are interacting with a diverse faculty of curators, community activists, artists, architects and researchers.

Teddy Cruz is Professor in Public Culture and Urbanism at the Visual Arts Department & co-director of The Center for Urban Ecologies at UCSD.

Amy Hillier is Assistant Professor of City Planning, University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

Anuradha Mathur is Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania School of Design.