An exhibition with Fazal Sheikh tracing the dispossessions and displacements of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, and their impact on Palestinians, Bedouins, and Israelis


Memory Trace

A series of photographs of ruins, landscapes, and portraits of Arab-Israelis and Palestinians who were either displaced by the 1948 War or forced into refugee camps

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Memory Trace consists of a series of photographs of ruins and landscapes, and of several portraits of Arab-Israelis and Palestinians who, having lived in the villages that were evacuated and mostly destroyed during the 1948 War, were either displaced by the war or forced into refugee camps. The images are accompanied by the site's latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, a reference to the population and number of houses on the site in 1948, the date on which the village was evacuated and the occupying force and Israeli operation that evacuated it, a brief note about what, if anything, replaced the village in the aftermath of the war, a note about what is visible in the site today, and a statement about whether or not the village has been renamed, is now without a name, or even registered in contemporary maps of Israel. In the instance of the portraits, Sheikh includes excerpts from his interviews with them, from their accounts of what they saw as their villages were evacuated and depopulated, or what they experienced after--and as a result of--the war, and the sorrow and loss they have endured because of their inability to return to their homes and land. That some of them died between the time he interviewed them and the time the trilogy was published suggests the urgency of securing their increasingly fugitive testimonies.

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Photographs from this series will be displayed at:

March 22–May 1, 2016

Storefront for Art and Architecture
New York
April 20–June 4, 2016

Al-Ma'mal Center for Contemporary Art
East Jerusalem
April 15–May 20, 2016

Sakakini Foundation
May 15, 2016–

Storefront for Art and Architecture, Slought, Al-Ma'mal Center for Contemporary Art, and Sakakini Foundation will mark Nakba Day on May 15, 2016 by distributing a small brochure to their visitors.