DuKode Studio

DuKode Studio is a Brooklyn-based creative team emerging from the partnership of Ilias Koen and Arlene Ducao. They focus on inventively transposing data into both virtual and physical representations. A recipient of the MIT Ida Green Fellowship, Ducao is currently pursuing her Master's in the MIT Media Lab's Information Ecology group. Koen is a member of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and the Greenwich House Pottery Studio, and holds a BFA from the Athens School of Fine Art in Greece.

DuKode has collaborated with non-profits, think tanks, artists, educational publishers, pop stars, government agencies, scientists, and sociologists. Their current project, the MindRider helmet, uses a helmet with EEG sensors and a mobile connection to map the most stressful areas of a rider's journey. In 2011, DuKode and programmer Rachel Mersky worked with Slought and its collaborators to code the online presence for Fairytale Project.

DuKode Studio

Ilias Koen and Arlene Ducao
166 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 12215
(443) 629-0565