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Frente 3 de Fevereiro and Julian d'Angiolillo

A film program about cultural guerrilla warfare from across the Americas, part of the exhibition Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures

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Jennifer Ponce de León

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12-5pm Tue-Fri, through 10/01/2017

  • Resurgent histories

Slought is pleased to announce a film series featuring work by Frente 3 de Fevereiro and Julian d'Angiolillo exploring cultural guerrilla warfare from across the Americas. Organized in conjunction with the exhibition Resurgent Histories, Insurgent Futures, the program will screen Tuesday through Friday 12-5pm through October 1, 2017.

Cuerpo de Letra / Embodied Letters (2015) explores the street painting of electoral political propaganda in Buenos Aires, raising questions about ideologies of political representation, power over public space, and the complex lines of connection between the state and socially marginalized subjects and practices. It closely follows the groups of men who are paid by political parties to paint their electoral propaganda at nighttime and compete with each other for space along the highways. The film's unique visual representation of the urban landscape provides a sense of the painters' alternative cartography of the city's walls – as spaces that could be filled with propaganda from any party, or their own graffiti.

Hacerme Feriante / Become a Stallholder (2010) looks at the complex social worlds connected by La Salada, an enormous informal market located in the urban periphery of Buenos Aires. Located on the grounds of what once was a grand public swimming complex, La Salada is now the largest informal market of its kind in Latin America, attracting people from across Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. D'Angiolillo examines the coordinated efforts of stallholders, local bosses and visitors who run the fair in the middle of the night twice weekly. He also explores the ways in which the market is more than just a site of commerce, as it is also a place for celebrations, religious ceremonies and popular assemblies and a strategic field where the identity of immigrants and workers is reaffirmed.

Zumbi Somos Nós / We are Zumbi (2007) is a visual and sonorous manifesto by Frente 3 de Fevereiro. Reflecting upon myriad social sites where the embedded racism of Brazilian society manifests itself, the film presents documentation of Frente's urban interventions and performances, which have served as formally innovative and poetic forms of symbolic resistance. These include performances and street actions about racist police violence, guerrilla interventions at soccer games, and the group's visually stunning intervention at a vertical squat that was part of an activist campaign defending the homeless movement in downtown São Paulo.

The program will also include three shorts by Frente 3 de Fevereiro. Não Vamos Obedecer / Nou Pap Obeyi / We Will Not Obey (2017) is based on Felipe Teixera and Daniel Lima's research in Haiti, which took as its starting point the recent history of militarized policing in urban peripheries across Latin America and the Caribbean, including Brazil's longstanding military presence in Haiti. The film addresses the contemporary struggle for democracy in Haiti, taking up historical references to the transnational history of anticolonial liberation struggles. Harlem: Cultural Capital (2015) is based on research by Lima and other artists in New York and Baltimore in the wake of the police killing of Freddie Gray. The video addresses racism and police violence, the Baltimore uprising, and the gentrification of Harlem, while also registering acts of protest in front of police officers and police stations. Arquitetura da Exclusão / Architecture of Exclusion (2010), produced as part of a process of action research carried out in Rio de Janeiro with the collective Afrofuturism, addresses the state's construction of walls around favelas, police occupation of favelas as part of a new transnational model of militarized policing and social control.


Julian d'Angiolillo
Cuerpo de letra (Embodied Letters)
2015, 76 min

Julian d'Angiolillo
Hacerme Feriante (Become a stall holder)
2010, 94 min

Frente 3 de Fevereiro
Zumbi Somos Nós: Cartografia do Racismo para o Jovem Urbano
(We are Zumbi: A Cartography of Racism for Urban Youth)

2007, 52 min

Frente 3 de Fevereiro (Daniel Lima and Felipe Teixera)
Não Vamos Obedecer / Nou Pap Obeyi / We Will Not Obey
2017, 3 min

Frente 3 de Fevereiro (Daniel Lima)
Harlem: Cultural Capital
2015, 15 min

Frente 3 de Fevereiro
Arquitetura da Exclusão / Architecture of Exclusion
2010, 15 min

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An exhibition about cultural guerrilla warfare from across the Americas

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