What Time is it on the Clock of the World? What is to be Done?

An initiative of Strike MoMA Working Group


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Strike MoMA Working Group

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4017 Walnut St
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0% Formal - 100% Informal

This initiative emerges from a dialogue between the Slought Foundation and Strike MoMA Working Group. It comes at a time in which cultural institutions of all kinds are undergoing a crisis of legitimacy, and speaks to the need for infrastructures of exit, movement, and liberation. In particular, this project represents Slought's engagement with the ongoing Strike MoMA process, which was launched one year ago in March 2021.

The initiative will commence Friday, March 11th at 6pm with organizers and artists on site at Slought at 4017 Walnut for an introductory gathering and conversation. From April 1 to April 22, there will be a series of conversations on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays that will take place online and in person, one of which will be in a workshop format.

From Strike MoMA Working Group:

Slought will become a social gathering place and hub for study, reflection, action, and play. This space.place.hub.cave.sanctuary is anti-colonial, anti-imperial, anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist. It is anchored in interconnected struggles. The university, museum, and city are organizing sites. This is an opportunity to figure out a collective engagement with or exit from these institutions and economies of settler-colonial and racial capitalist order. Practically speaking, the project offers an opportunity for a NYC-Philadelphia exchange as well as physical infrastructure to come together. A city-to-city check-in. How are we moving? What do we need? How are we nurturing, defending, building, assessing, weaving, broadcasting, dancing, training, striking, and organizing? This will be an ongoing process of collective thinking and doing that will inform new questions for the moment. We begin with media production and circulation, education and pedagogy, collective care and freedom, and ways of overcoming counter-insurgency.

"[One Hour from Palestine] is a collection of voices and sounds that speak loudly to daily life in Jerusalem and Palestine, surrounded by music from its people singing for the city and against its on-going oppression."

— abul3ees (Download Tracklist / Summary with Translation)

"At the center of the cyclone, everything cracks, everything collapses in the ripping sound of great manifestations. Then the radios go silent. The great line of palm trees of cool wind unfurled somewhere in the stratosphere, there where no one will go to follow incredible irridesences and waves of violet light.

After the rain, the sun."

— Suzanne Césaire, "The Great Camouflage", Tropiques nos. 13-14 (1945)

Week 4

A Series of Conversations and Workshops

Week 3
Week 1 & 2