Recordings by Fred Wah of readings, lectures and discussions by notable New American poets


1963: Conference Readings

Recordings of readings by poets Robert Duncan, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, Margaret Avison, Denise Levertov, Robert Creeley, and Charles Olson

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Organized by Fred Wah, Aaron Levy, Louis Cabri

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Slought presents a digitized version of Fred Wah's recordings of poetry readings from the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference.

"Poetry conferences at Vancouver (1963) and Berkeley (1965) were significant events that brought together and introduced a range of poets from diverse locations and temperaments. Warren Tallman was the man behind the conference in Vancouver, an event Robert Creeley described as 'landmark' in that it brought 'together for the first time, a decisive company of then disregarded poets such as Denise Levertov, Charles Olson, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Duncan, Margaret Avison, Philip Whalen and myself, together with as yet unrecognized younger poets of that time, Michael Palmer, Clark Coolidge and many more.'" -- Steve Clay & Rodney Phillips, 1998

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Recording notes for reading by Robert Duncan (July 26, 1963)

The Question; Structure of Rime 9; Structure of Rime 10; Structure of Rime 11; Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal; Apprehensions; Come Let Me Free Myself; Risk; Structure of Rimes; Osiris and Set; Two Presentations; A Song of the Old Order; Witches Song (from Masque); Romantic Humns (for Mike McLure); Sonnets 1; Sonnets 2; Sonnets 3; Sonnets 4; Witches Song; Pindar Poem; The Continent

Recording notes for reading by Margaret Avison (August 7, 1963

4 'adolescent' poems; A Poet's Preface; 4 Sketches; Public Address; A Humurous Moment; Fall; Voluptuaries & Others; In a Season of Unemployment; Transit; "There is another time...; quote from Aaron Copland in Origin Letter; Transit; A Nameless One; The Medical Arts; "people are pink cheeked...; Unspeakable; "All my days have digits in them..; Translation of Hungarian Poem;
5 Poems: 1. "Just as excessive gladness..., 2. "Sheep fold and hill..., 3. "when you walked here..., 4. poem skipped, 5. "In July this early sky...

Recording notes for reading by Denise Levertov (August 09, 1963)

Matins; The Necessity; The Ache of Marriage; The Elves; Song for...; Kingdoms of Heaven; Sparks; The Film; Another Spring; The Secret; The Crack; Summer, 1961; ?; ?; Who is at my window?; The Old Adam; Funya (?); The Novices; Eros at Temple Stream; Oh Taste and See; Melody Grundy; The Disclosure; Gone Away; Statement on Poetics'; Into the Interior; The Novel; Threshold; Looking Glass; Our Bodies; The Prayer; Losing Track; Hypocrite Women; In Mind; Runes'

Recording notes for reading by Robert Creeley (August 12, 1963)

(Due to a power outage, only the first 14 minutes were recorded): A Song; The Innocence; The Ball Game; The Carnival; After Lorca; The Crow; The Immoral Proposition; The Operation; I know a Man; The Lover; Wait for Me; The Warning; A Form of Adaptation; La Noche; The Whip; All That is Lovely in Men; Juggler's Thot; A form of Women

Recording notes for reading by Charles Olson (August 14, 1963)

From the MAXIMUS POEMS, part II (unpublished): Maximus from Dogtown II; Maximus to Himself; Maximus to Gloucester, L.27; Maximus, further on, Dec 28/59; The Poem and...; The River #1; The River #2 Okeanos' dream; The South East Wind...; I Tell You Its cruel; Three Poems; Of Old Times; They said she went out every Sunday; A Maximus ('isms'); A coast is not the same as land (Englishmen & Indeians); Maximus Letter Whatever; Chock a block; First Stevens Song; Upward choking on Dogtown; I Force the calm grey waters...; By the way into the woods...; The rock listens to itself...; Later Tyrian business; For Robet Duncan who understands; Further completion of Platt; A prayer (great white cadillac); All having breakfast...; Gee Avenue; Where is the B. Elery; Maximus Written to be a note to myself (about Stevens); School and 16 Columbus; ...I stand on Main St.; As John Burke read the comics; letter 72; Descartes solider in a time of religious wars...; In the interleaved almanacs of 1646; Of the Parsons; The Beginnings; Maximus at the Harbour

Recording notes for reading by Charles Olson (August 16, 1963)

2nd Century Song; Later Note on Letter 15; 128...; East Gloucester young ladies Independent society; Patriotism is...; Book 2, Ch 37; The rocks in settlement cove...; Paloria (?); While on Obadia...; Shag Rock Bull's eye; Cyprus; Jan 17, 1962. (The Blue Monster); to travel Typhon; Up the steps along the porch...; People want delivery...; The coast goes...; Lanes eye view of Gloucester; Older than Biblos, earlier than Palestine; 3 Chronicles; Poem about a historian of the Ponecians; John Watts...; The Gulf of Main; An Ode on cape Ann; Okeanos in & under Anax.; In the Face of a Chinese view of the city Off Upland...; The earth with a city in her hair...; So now let all the ships come in...; Entwined throughout the system (2 Indians, serpents); Barbara Alice; Diadem of the Dog; Caught in the 3rd root...; The Earth is the black stone; Out over the land'scoped; Wrote my first poems; Songs of Maximus; Maximus to Himself; The Blue Monster; The Lordly & Isolate Satyr; Le Bonheur; The Charge; Spring; As the Dead Prey Upon Us; Kingfishers; Letter 3