A series of modest funds established by Slought to support the urgent needs of individuals, families and small organizations


Launch Party

Join us for the launch of the Community MicroFund, benefiting The Center for Carceral Communities and Project Safe

Organizing Institutions

Slought, Creative Resilience Collective

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4017 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Slought is pleased to announce a modest Community MicroFund to support individuals, families, and small organizations with urgent financial needs pertaining to health, artistic and cultural production, and social welfare.

Join us for a launch party on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 from 6:30-9:30pm at Slought, with proceeds benefitting The Center for Carceral Communities and Project Safe. Food and drink (including vegan and gluten-free options) will be served. The evening will also feature music by Madam Data (live performance) and Bennett Kuhn (DJ set), with a closing ritual by interfaith minister Rhetta Morgan.

The event will also function as the inaugural Open Studio for The Creative Resilience Collective. After a year of critical listening to providers and recipients of mental health care in Philadelphia, the collective is thrilled to share emerging art, design, research, and education projects with the public for feedback and collaboration. Their speculative and ongoing projects include a crowdsourced map locating spaces of community care; an expressive arts education program for teenagers to explore mental health language and representation; a series of public art engagements connecting deep listening, sound meditation, and contact improvisation; a study group for thinking about the histories and possible futures of psychiatry, psychotherapy, digital health, and non-Eurodescendent community care; and more. Come shape these projects and spark new collaborative opportunities with Slought, The Creative Resilience Collective and our partners.

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The Center for Carceral Communities provides free, evidence-based psychosocial services that address the mental health, educational, housing, advocacy and primary care challenges confronting those returning to the community. The Center seeks to reverse the community-to-prison pipeline by helping participants harness their strengths and become leaders in the community.

Project Safe is a grassroots direct-service and peer-based advocacy organization of women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and trans people in Philadelphia's sex trade. It provides women and femme-centered services with a focus on women working and living in the street economies in Kensington.

The Creative Resilience Collective is a multidisciplinary collective working at the intersection of art, design, health care, legal aid, research, and technology.
 We initiate research, design, and public art projects with underserved communities and advocates looking to improve access to quality mental health care services in Philadelphia. We believe our collective agency can create positive change in care systems, leading to more equitable futures. We do this through research and design, educational workshops, critical writing, public art, youth programs, and the building of local tools and resources.

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This event was open to all with a suggested donation of $7 or more at the door. No one was turned away for lack of funds. The event raised $800, which supported:

8 individuals at The Center for Carceral Communities ($400)

8 individuals at Project Safe via the North American Syrian Exchange Network ($400)