Community MicroFund

A series of modest funds established by Slought to support the urgent needs of individuals, families and small organizations


Slought is pleased to announce a modest fund to support individuals, families, and small organizations with urgent financial needs pertaining to health, artistic and cultural production, and social welfare.

Launching in Fall 2018, the MicroFund will begin locally and aspires to extend its reach to the world and cloud over time. Numerous grants in small amounts ranging from $50 to $300 will be disbursed to support Philadelphia residents in times of household emergency (e.g. eviction, domestic abuse, medical costs, reentry, etc.), to local groups who help to alleviate such crises, and to innovative cultural or social service projects addressing these issues. Grants will be allocated in collaboration with a network of partners, who will guide us in determining urgent needs in their respective areas. This collaborative approach will help us maximize impact and share knowledge about the urgent needs of various communities.

In establishing the MicroFund, Slought is making a commitment of funds alongside a campaign to raise more. Unlike an existing foundation with significant resources, we seek to leverage our relationships with partner organizations to raise both consciousness and funds. We also commit to contribute a portion of all unrestricted gifts to Slought to the MicroFund, and to integrate it with our organizational life and programming so that it becomes a permanent part of our identity.

The 2016 election and its aftermath have heightened vulnerability and disillusionment about the presence of violence in contemporary life. These developments have also yielded a political climate inhospitable to informed debate, making Slought's commitment to creative action all the more urgent. But support of vulnerable groups and communities requires action beyond education. The Community MicroFund will supplement our longstanding commitment to public dialogue by sharing and redistributing urgently needed financial resources. Please consider supporting the Community MicroFund today with a gift to Slought of any amount.