A series of modest funds established by Slought to support the urgent needs of individuals, families and small organizations


Fundraiser for Health and Racial Justice

A mutual aid fundraiser in solidarity with The Movement for Black Lives

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Slought, Creative Resilience Collective

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Slought and the Creative Resilience Collective announced a mutual aid fundraiser in solidarity with the movement for Black lives and racial justice on June 10, 2020 that collectively raised over $14,797.

The drive ran from June 10-24, 2020 and matched up to $7,000 in donations made to the seven Black-led organizations. These seven organizations were chosen for their efforts to provide direct aid and life sustaining services to Black trans folks, youth, and movement organizers.

Thank you to all who participated in the fundraiser. We received over 85 donations totaling $7797.75 and honored all donations (up to our $7,000 commitment) by matching receipts submitted to a publicly accessible form. Donations were matched 1:1 based on the receipt and order they were submitted.

An anonymized public spreadsheet for all donations matched is available for accountability. In addition to the fundraiser, $600 has been set aside to provide unrestricted $100 honoraria to six young Black Philly-based artists, to support existing work and the production of a set of printed posters for them to sell.

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Black Trans Fund
Pays Black trans social justice leaders and supports abundance within Black trans movements.

DSM 215
Collective of healers with lived experience of mental health challenges, who are dedicated to redefining wellness, justice, and joy in Philadelphia.

People's Breakfast Oakland
A grassroots Black socialists political organization serving the houseless community essential resources in Oakland.

Philly for REAL Justice
Fighting white supremacy and police terror, transforming the city of Philadelphia through direct action, community engagement, and political education.

The Nina Pop and/or Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Funds
Emergency mutual aid funds that raise money to pay for one-time mental health therapy sessions with licensed Black therapists. Specify "Nina Pop Fund" or "Tony McDade Fund" in the subject line.

The Village Oakland
A movement of unhoused and formally unhoused leaders and housed allies in Oakland who assert that housing is a human right and homelessness is not a crime.

YASP (Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project)
Building a youth-led movement in Philadelphia to end the practice of trying and incarcerating young people as adults, providing space for incarcerated young people to express themselves creatively and develop as leaders both behind and beyond prison walls.