Comment arrive, Silence, Résistance

A symposium at Artsonje Center in Korea exploring silence and resistance in the work of Soun-Gui Kim


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  • Artistic legacies
  • Philosophy / Theory

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Artsonje Center, Slought

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Institut français de Corée du Sud

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Artsonje Center
144-2 Sogyeok-dong
Seoul, South Korea

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Slought and Artsonje Center in Seoul, Korea, are pleased to announce, "Comment arrive, Silence, Résistance, Dans L'art de Kim Soun Gui," a symposium on the work of Soun-Gui Kim on May 20, 2014 at 4pm. Participating speakers will include Soun-Gui Kim, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Soulillou, Kim Sun-Jung, Park Chun-Sung, Jean-Michel Rabaté and Aaron Levy.

The symposium will also coincide with the launch of a new publication from Slought, in which Soun-Gui Kim engages her collaborators — philosophers Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy (Gwuang-jiu Biennale, 2002) and John Cage (Vieille Charité, Marseille, 1986) — in conversation about contemporary art and the relationship of artists to the globalized art world and market. Soun-Gui Kim approaches the arts through Eastern philosophies, such as that of Tchuang-Tseu, and combines a meditative stance with western philosophical interrogation. Born in Pou-Yeo, Korea, she has lived and worked in France since 1971, and exhibits internationally. This trilingual DVD seeks to engage the artist's diverse communities, and has been subtitled and transcribed in French, English and Korean. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Beating The Market at Slought from December 2013 – February 2014.

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Soun-Gui Kim is a Korean-born French artist who lives in Paris and has worked with video since the 1970s. She has collaborated with John Cage and Nam-June Paik, and made films with Jean-Luc Nancy and Jacques Derrida. Her work has been exhibited internationally at institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia; the Museum of Modern Art, Austria; the Museum of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi, Bosnia; the Gwangju Biennale, and the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art & Art Sonje Center, Seoul, South Korea; the Centre George Pomidou and the Foundation Cartier in Paris, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice, France; and the San Diego Art Museum in California.

"Soun-gui's picture is always one that comes and goes, and her video monitors sometimes are also frozen pictures of monitors that begin to melt away as soon as they appear on show. Such a picture does not "reproduce". Rather, what it does "reproduce" (namely, a singer, an astronaut, a frog, John Cage's head) is not at stake as it is "reproduced" (duplicated, imitated) but as it is produced: what is imitated by imitation is the novelty of the original. It does not "imitate" it, it re-produces it." – Jean-Luc Nancy, Experiencing Soun-gui

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Artist Soun-Gui Kim engages Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy in dialogue about the global art market.

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