Franz Hautzinger: Post-experimental music

A solo performance by the Austrian composer and trumpet player, followed by a concert with Philadelphia musicians Gene Coleman and the duo Archer Spade


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Slought, Austrian Cultural Forum


Gene Coleman

Opens to public



8:00 PM


4017 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

$10 or pay what you can admission


25% Formal - 75% Informal

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Join us for a special solo performance at Slought by the internationally renowned trumpet player Franz Hautzinger. Franz gained wide recognition for his solo recording Gomberg, which is a definitive document of his style and technique. By using amplification and electronics in new ways, Franz creates a new sonic landscape.

Franz Hautzinger is based in Vienna and has a long history of collaboration and performance with many important musicians from a wide range of styles, including Merzbow, Derek Bailey, Luc Ex, Lou Reed, Otomo Yoshihide and many others. A protege of the legendary jazz trumpeter Bill Dixon, Franz has carved an important musical space that combines many sounds and styles.

For the second part of the program, Hautzinger will be joined by the Philadelphia composer and musician Gene Coleman (bass clarinetist and composer), and the Philadelphia duo Archer Spade (Dan Blacksberg, trombone and Nick Millevoi, electric guitar).

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Trumpeter Franz Hautzinger started on the Austrian jazz scene in the late '80s, recording a handful of albums for the label Extraplatte, mostly as a member of the groups Mühlbacher, Nouvelle Cuisine and Striped Roses. After a three-year recording hiatus from 1998 to 2000, during which time he extensively radicalized his sound, Hautzinger came back with the solo CD Gomberg (2000) - a definitive document of his style and technique released by the German label Grob. These and his participation in the composers' ensemble Zeitkratzer brought his playing to the attention of an international avant-garde audience at the beginning of the new millennium.

Read an interview with Franz Hautzinger conducted at Slought by Ken Weiss for Cadence Magazine (2014)

Isabelle Duthoit's work is inspired by the style of voice tones in Japanese Noh theatre, as well as Mongolian throat singing and Georges Aperghis's experiments in opera.

Gene Coleman is a composer, musician and director. Winner of the 2013 Berlin Prize for Music, he has created over 70 works for various instrumentation and media. In the area of improvised music, he has played in concert with musicians including Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Roscoe Mitchell, William Parker, Taku Sugimoto, Kevin Drumm, Yuji Takahashi, Theo Bleckmann, the group Ossatura and others.

The Philadelphia duo Archer Spade (Dan Blacksberg, Trombone and Nick Millevoi, electric guitar) is an outlet for these two musicians to combine their interests in rock, metal, jazz and klezmer with classical contemporary music. In addition to playing their own compositions, the duo has launched an impressive commissioning project that features new works by Mic Barr, David Solider, Gene Coleman and others.

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