A Voter's Guide

Traditional voting guides often tell you who to vote for. Our Voter's Guide instead asks: what issues and urgencies are at stake in this particular moment? What voices, experiences, and histories are vital to this election? 

We have selected projects from our extensive archive that foreground voices of those most directly impacted by the issues at hand. The issues raised in these conversations—including racism, mass incarceration, immigration, climate justice, public health, and housing insecurity—reflect concerns intimately familiar to all Americans, and they have only intensified since these projects were first staged.

"...Today's children will inherit a world that our fathers and grandfathers have ravaged, where the seas are acidic cesspools that the whales have fled... and where human greed has plundered Mother Earth's innards and turned human genes into factories for profit. They will inherit a diminished planet where fresh water is increasingly rare, and where fresh air is a commodity... We live in a world that fears and hates its young. How else can one explain the bequest of such a foul, polluted, and hollow inheritance?"

⁠— Mumia Abu-Jamal


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